Core Outcome Statements

All UIW Undergraduate Students Will Possess These Skills

Critical and Creative Thinking

to analyze information logically and to utilize and transform knowledge in fair-minded, purposeful, and imaginative ways. (est. 1999)

Effective Communication

to write and speak clearly and persuasively and to convey meaning effectively in non-verbal contexts. (est. 1999)


to understand the benefits and limitations of technology and media and how to use them in socially positive ways. (est. 1999)


to synthesize the gathering, evaluating, and interpreting of data in a study or creative work that can be shared with a community of scholars. (est. 1999)

Global and Historical Consciousness

to analyze the historical forces that shape the diversity of the human experience as influenced by geographical location, ethnicity, cultural and religious traditions, gender, and class. (updated Spring 2017)

Aesthetic Engagement

to perceive, analyze, evaluate, and respond creatively to aesthetic qualities and values in the myriad contexts where they are experienced. (updated Spring 2017)

Quantitative/Scientific Analysis

to use mathematical reasoning and the scientific method to address issues in an increasingly complex, technological world. (est. 1999)

Social Justice

to evaluate the nature and consequences of past, present, and potential social injustices, as well as to develop strategies to overcome and prevent them. (updated Spring 2017)


to develop leadership qualities that help achieve personal goals and contribute to the good of society through work. (est. 1999)


to understand the importance of developing as a whole person who is spiritually mature and dedicated to being a productive and responsible citizen. (est. 1999)