Lunch and learn: The Right shoes for you

What type of shoes would you recommend for running or exercising? Open
What are your thoughts on inserts? Open
Can gait be a factor as we get older? Open
What type of shoes would be best used for an elliptical machine? Open
I noticed that when I walk, my big toe is pointing upwards and it makes a hole in my shoe, is that bad? Open
When is the best time to buy a new pair of shoes, and how worn in should the shoes be before starting a full training regimen?? Open

Lunch and learn: Heart rate management

The older I get the less sleep I get, I noticed this is happening to the elderly who go to bed earlier and wake up earlier and only get 4 hours of sleep, how do change that? Open
What app on your iPhone lets you put your finger on the lens to get a heart rate? Open