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Welcome to Canvas

Canvas is the learning management system for UIW. We fully transitioned as of summer term 2021 and Blackboard access ended May 31, 2021.

As part of the UIW Course Consistency Initiative, all empty academic courses come populated with a few foundational items to promote consistent Canvas organization and navigation across the university. A familiar online environment minimizes student confusion and promotes efficient learning. Faculty have the Personalize the UIW Canvas Blueprint resource to learn more.

Instructor Resources

Canvas Hours - Small Group Professional Development Open
Growing with Canvas - Online, Asynchronous Course Open
Request a Sandbox Open
One-on-One Consults Open
Canvas Help Menu + Canvas Guides + Video Tutorials Open
24/7/365 Support Open
What's New in Canvas Open

Student Resources

Canvas Help Menu Open
24/7/365 Support Open

Canvas and Cloud Storage

Course and Personal File Storage Limits Open
Video, Audio, and Large Powerpoint Files Open
Canvas Audio/Video Feedback Open

Migration to Canvas

Why did we move to Canvas? Open
What courses are being migrated? Open
What about Master Courses? Open
How do I add or delete someone from my Canvas course? Open
Will organizations be migrated to Canvas? Open
Canvas Hours on YouTube

Check out past Canvas Hours Sessions.

Canvas Hours on YouTube

Canvas Hours on YouTube

Canvas Support Team

Kathleen Bottaro
Director of Instructional Technology
(210) 805-2519

Dr. Susan Hall
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
(210) 283-5030

Melissa Dagne
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
(210) 829-6077
Health Professions

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Andy Chavez
Canvas Administrator
(210) 942-4288

Adela Gott
Software Specialist
(210) 829-3946

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Jon Whitney
Software Specialist
(210) 832-2197

Evelyn Villarreal
Instructional Designer
(210) 942-4331

Terrence Peak
Instructional Designer
(210) 829-3920

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  • School of Business and Administration
  • School of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences departments including:
    • Pastoral Studies
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Religious Studies
    • Sociology
    • Criminal Justice
    • History