Faculty and Staff Volunteers

There are three types of faculty and staff volunteers:

  • Faculty and Staff Leaders recruit student volunteers from classes and/or student organizations and lead them to a Partner-service site. The Faculty/Staff Leader is normally the main point of contact between the University of the Incarnate Word and the Partner organization.
  • Faculty and Staff Volunteers are willing to help with Meet the Mission Day, but not in a position to recruit students or coordinate with a Partner organization. These volunteers may join a Faculty Leader to a Partner-organization site or they may help on campus with other Meet the Mission organizers, preparation, or follow up.
  • Faculty Drivers drive volunteers to and from their work sites.

Questions? Email Betsy Leverett.

Meet the Mission Faculty Volunteers

A Community Service Event Sponsored by the University of the Incarnate Word

For Faculty and Staff: If you are a UIW EMPLOYEE and you would like to participate in Meet the Mission on September 14, 2018, please take a moment to fill out and submit the form below. You will receive email confirmation of your form submission and a follow-up email with further details and instructions regarding the event. On behalf of the MtM Team, thank you for signing on to MtM 2018!

The deadline for faculty sign-up is August 24, 2018.