Incarnate Word Branding

Visual Identity and Licensing

UIW's visual identity is among its most important assets in maintaining its brand. It protects the interests of the university, as well as its faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Effectively managing the university's brand benefits the institution in numerous ways, including enhancing its reputation, furthering its Mission, and helping achieve its goals.

Incarnate Word's brand can be defined as the sum of the feelings, associations and thoughts one experiences when seeing a UIW logo or hearing the name, “University of the Incarnate Word.” As University of the Incarnate Word competes with other universities across the city, state, and globe, the need to carefully manage its visual identity in order to differentiate itself becomes critical.

The university has partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) to manage use of the university's logos and protect its trademarks. Learfield works directly with manufacturers and retailers, streamlining the process of official merchandise.

This site provides general guidelines for the visual identity of the University of the Incarnate Word brand, as well as specific examples of accepted, legally trademarked logos and other visual elements, and information on contacting LLP for those wishing to use any trademarked UIW logo.

The Visual Corporate Identity Committee (VCIC), which maintains this site, exists to ensure that approved standards are met on all university communications, including departmental and student publications and promotional items.

Questions regarding implementation of these guidelines should be directed to the VCIC committee, at