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Procedures for Ordering

Per university procedure, no university employee may process an order until a Purchase Order has been provided by the Purchasing Department. In addition, a vendor can not produce an item with a trademark unless licensing has approved. These two processes are separate but happen simultaneously.

Please allow sufficient time to have the approval process completed. Failure to follow these procedures will result in no payment by the university to the vendor, and may result in budget penalties imposed by the university on the ordering department, and could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination from the university. Further, the employee that ordered the non-conforming items will be responsible for all payments and will be required to discard the con-conforming items.

Ordering Process

Before ordering, the customer must decide

  1. What logo(s) will be used?
  2. Will the item(s) be sold?

When ordering items with any UIW logo or wordmark, you must declare whether the items will be sold (i.e. ordering t-shirts and selling them for Homecoming), or not be sold (i.e. t-shirts being handed out to fans at a basketball game).

If you are selling the items, you must receive permission from the UIW Bookstore (Follett) to sell apparel on-campus that would normally be sold by a bookstore. Ashley Davis will help facilitate this process; please contact him first.

If an item you purchase is going to be sold, the vendor must have a STANDARD LICENSE (some exceptions granted), as well as pay royalties back to the university. If the items being sold are for UIW-affiliated fundraiser, royalties may be waived at the discretion of the VCIC. If the items you purchase will not be sold, the vendor can have either a STANDARD LICENSE or RESTRICTED license.

In both cases, use the process outlined below

Employee Responsibility (Steps 1 and 2)

  1. Contact a vendor (or vendors) from the approved vendor list with your idea/design/artwork. Vendors who are not on the approved list submit an application.
  2. Work with the vendor on an idea/design/artwork and finalize the draft of the design with the vendor.
    • The vendor must download the logo(s) or wordmark(s) from Logos On Demand, a service provided through LLP to each vendor.
    • If you want the name of your specific university department under/near the logo, you must request that specific design from Mike Hood (

Vendor responsibility, working with LLP and University Visual Corporate Identity Committee (Steps 3 and 4)

  1. Vendor sends idea/design/artwork to LLP's online artwork system for approval.
  2. LLP then sends to the university. Ashley Davis then approves/revises draft revision.
    • Ashley Davis may send to Margaret Garcia and/or Mike Hood for approval, if needed, for graphic standards, text approval, etc.
Note: Once the vendor submits the artwork through LLP, the approval automatically goes to UIW for approval.

Employee Responsibility (Steps 5-7)

  1. While the artwork approval process is happening between the vendor and licensing, employees may submit the vendor's quote to purchasing to obtain a purchase order.
  2. After the purchase order number is received, give the vendor the purchase order number.
  3. After work is complete and goods are received, submit invoice that references purchase order number to accounts payable for payment.

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