Students walking on the campus of the University of the Incarnate Word

Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability


Through outreach, education, collaboration, and the administration of the conduct process, the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability supports a safe, fair and supportive learning environment for the personal, professional and ethical development of all students.

Cardinal Pledge

I will pursue all of my endeavors with honor and integrity to advance the discovery of truth, mutual understanding, self-realization and the common good.

I will take personal responsibility for my actions and stand for what is right.

I will respect the dignity of others, treating them with civility, courtesy, and compassion as I carry out the UIW Mission.

Student Learning Objectives

As a result of engaging with the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability, students will:

  • Have increased knowledge of the resources available to support them, on- and off-campus

  • Gain perspective of how their behavior impacts themselves and the communities they interact with

  • Reflect on the impact of their decisions on their future academic, personal, and professional success

  • Understand how the Student Code of Conduct supports the well-being of the university community

  • Recognize the value of the behavioral misconduct process as an educational opportunity

Contact us:

Student Engagement Center

Suite 3150

Regular Business Hours

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Matthew Carpenter


Student Advocacy and Accountability
(210) 805-5864

Shirin Ektera


Student Advocacy and Accountability
(210) 283-6413