Student Policies and Handbook

Student Handbook

The University seeks to balance rules that are necessary to function effectively in an educational community with each individual's rights to personal freedom. Community regulations are designed to guide the growth and development of individual responsibility, academic and personal integrity, and respectful interaction. The UIW Student Handbook contains many of the policies that govern student life here at UIW. All students are strongly encouraged to read the Student Handbook on an annual basis, as all students are responsible for abiding by the policies listed therein.

Updates for 2021-22

It is expected that all students read and are familiar with all policies in the Student Handbook, as you are responsible for complying with each policy. The highlighting of updates and additions to the Student Handbook should not substitute a complete reading of the Student Handbook. The following information is new and/or revised in the Student Handbook this year:

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Previous Versions

Below are previous versions of the Student Handbook. Please always refer to the handbook at the top of the page for the most up-to-date version: