Safe Harbor Program

The Safe Harbor Program was created in order to provide assistance to students who have engaged in prohibited/banned drug or alcohol use. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability by voluntarily disclosing use prior to a report of an alcohol or drug violation.

If a student seeks assistance prior to being identified as having violated an alcohol or drug policy, the impermissible use will not be deemed an offense for purposes of determining sanctions. The Dean of Campus Life and the Director of Student Advocacy and Accountability will work collaboratively to implement and support all students participating in the Safe Harbor Program.

Upon requesting Safe Harbor, a student must meet with Dean of Campus Life and/or the Director of Student Advocacy and Accountability. This meeting must take place within 7 calendar days of the student’s request for Safe Harbor. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the student’s needs, and to create a plan to address the student’s illegal alcohol or other drug use.

While participating in the Safe Harbor program, the student must fulfill the planned requirements assigned. Some requirements may include, but are not limited to:

  • Speaking/meeting with a counselor/therapist about their substance abuse
  • Receiving a substance abuse assessment from an assigned agency
  • Drug testing (at the student’s expense), including at the beginning, end, and throughout the student’s time in the program
  • Educational activities and programs
  • Loss of privileges during the duration of the program (including intercollegiate sport competition)

The student will be permitted to remain in the Safe Harbor Program for a reasonable period of time as determined by their treatment plan. If a student fails to meet with their Safe Harbor Program administrator, fails to complete any or all of the treatment plan, and/or has a positive test for any banned substance that indicates new use after entering the program, the request for Safe Harbor will be considered null and void, and the student is subject to all potential consequences of illegal alcohol or other drug use. Any such violations would be addressed through the student Behavioral Misconduct Process.

For questions about the alcohol or drug policy, available resources, or to request Safe Harbor, please contact:

Janine L. Chavez
Student Advocacy and Accountability
Telephone: (210) 829-3817