Student Accountability

In the spirit of transparency and fairness, the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability shares the below policies, procedures, rights, and expectations for UIW students to review and become familiar with. Ignorance of these policies, procedures, rights, and expectations is not an excuse for a failure to abide by them.

Policies, Processes, and Resources

Student Policies and Handbook

The University seeks to balance rules that are necessary to function effectively in an educational community with each individual's rights to personal freedom. Community regulations are designed to guide the growth and development of individual responsibility, academic and personal integrity, and respectful interaction. The UIW Student Handbook contains many of the policies that govern student life here at UIW.

Read the Student Policies and Handbook

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Behavioral Misconduct Process

To assist students in understanding the behavioral misconduct process, the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability wants to provide students with information about their rights, our expectations, what they should expect if they are involved in a complaint.

View the Behavioral Misconduct Process

Alcohol and Other Drugs

As the University tenets of education and truth suggest, the University of the Incarnate Word is committed to continuously providing our students with up-to-date and comprehensive information. As part of compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act (EDGAR Part 86), information about UIWs policies, programs, and resources regarding alcohol and other drugs are available here.

View the University's Policies on Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Hazing Policy

Involvement in student organizations and groups should offer students personal development, education, and enriching experiences. Hazing is a destructive and harassing activity that not only is in opposition to those goals, but also violates state and national laws.

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