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Style Guide

Why a Style Guide?

The University of the Incarnate Word's institutional image and strong brand identity continue to serve as important tools to further the university's strategic goals. The consistency of University messages and unified graphic identity play a key role in the success of this effort.

The University of the Incarnate Word Style Guide was developed by the Office of Communications and Brand Marketing (OCM), the Office of Printing Services and Graphic Design and the Office of Web Development to provide consistency among publications produced by the University community. As with any organization, there are certain language conventions that are specific to the University of the Incarnate Word. As matters of style and usage evolve, we will continue to review and update the guide. This guide follows the AP Stylebook, but exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis for certain schools when the need arises to keep consistency with the teaching of the APA and MLA Style Manuals in UIW classes.

Standards have been outlined in the following guide with instructions on the proper use of UIW logos thus eliminating confusion and helping to create a stronger image. We encourage you to become familiar with the Style Guide and to apply its rules to any communication vehicles you develop on behalf of the university.


The Office of Printing Services and Graphic Design provides the University community with professional design and printing services. The Office of Communications & Brand Marketing offers the University community free assistance in the areas of writing, editing, event planning, social media, public relations and marketing strategy and coordination. The Office of Web Development oversees the University's external web presence, creating new content, maintaining existing content and ensuring all content is updated regularly.

The Style Guide is important:

  • To maintain a consistent image because each communication reflects on the University as a whole and messages from internal entities build upon one another and increase the overall impact.
  • To avoid confusing our audiences by presenting a consistent visual identity so we distinguish our institution from our competitors.
  • To show unity of purpose. Visual consistency relays that the University is unified, even while it pursues a wide range of interests, which is an attractive image to potential faculty, staff and students.

Submitting Materials for Review

Although individual departments may custom-develop materials for specific offerings or events, those materials should be submitted to the Office of Communications and Marketing and the Office of Printing Services, prior to printing for review to ensure consistency with University standards is maintained. Doing so preserves the integrity of the information for the benefit of the University’s overall image. Please allow ample turn-around time for the appropriate offices to review your materials prior to printing. When submitting a project for review, please allow a minimum of four business days for turn-around time from each office. Items can be sent to both the OCM and the Office of Printing Services simultaneously for review. The Office of Communications and Brand Marketing reviews for editorial standards and the Office of Printing Services reviews for adherence to University graphic standards. For consultation on a project or to submit materials for review, please contact: 

Office of Communications & Brand Marketing: 210.829.6001 or

Office of Printing Services & Graphic Design: 210.829.3957 or

Office of Web Development: (210) 805-5815 or

In addition to the Offices of Communications & Brand Marketing, Printing Services and Graphic Design and Web Development, materials for external distribution should routinely be submitted for review to the administrator responsible for that group.

For example:

  • Materials to be distributed to prospective undergraduate or graduate students should be reviewed by the dean of enrollment and/or the respective academic dean.
  • Materials created for distribution to students of the School of Professional Studies or the School of Applied Sciences should be reviewed by the respective dean.
  • Materials to be distributed to current graduate students should be reviewed by the graduate dean.

Required Information for Documents

Please date and indicate print run on all materials for reference. The purpose of this is to alleviate confusion and ensure that the latest version is distributed. It is also a reference of the number of copies printed. Reference the year of publication and print quantity in the bottom left corner of your publication; e.g: 2017/500 indicating a 2017 publication date and a print run of 500.

All University materials distributed externally are required to include the American Disabilities Act (ADA) statement. Somewhere on your document, please include the following statement:

"This publication is available in alternate format by request. To request an alternate format, please contact (your office and a contact telephone number)."

Materials promoting a University event must also contain the following ADA accommodation statement:

"The University of the Incarnate Word provides reasonable accommodation with adequate notice. To request disability accommodation for this event, visit the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website."

If you have questions regarding the ADA statements, please contact one of the following people. The persons named below serve the groups indicated: