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Web Standards

The Office of Web Development is committed to creating and maintaining a robust, unified web presence accessible on all devices to all members of our community. With this mission in mind, we have introduced a comprehensive set of new web standards to coincide with the release of the newly redesigned UIW site and the all new MyUIW Community sites which feature personalized content for Students, Faculty and Staff. For your reference, we have created pages outlining the page and image standards.

Our standards have been specifically designed to ensure a clean, uniform look to all of our sites. More importantly, they have been designed to align with the web accessibility standards created by the WC3. The WC3 standards allow all users to have the same experience when interacting with our content regardless of what technology they employ to access it. Compliance with these standards is the law but also very much in the spirit of our mission here at UIW.   

In an effort to maintain these standards, we have implemented a series of workflows across all of the new sites in the greater UIW Web Environment. Workflows allow members of the Web or Communications offices to keep an eye on changes made to our sites and troubleshoot any small issues that may arise or provide follow-up user training and guidance when necessary. The workflows being implemented will cover the following-

  • Approval Copy-  This workflow will run when the user copies a page.
  • Approval Delete- This workflow will run when the user deletes a page
  • Approval Move Rename- This workflow will run when the user moves or renames a page
  • Approval Single Step- This workflow will run when the user makes an edit or creates a page

The workflow process itself is triggered any time a user attempts to publish out any of the changes listed above. Instead of publishing directly, the request is routed to an administrator who reviews the changes and then either approves, makes adjustments or returns the page to the user with a list of necessary adjustments to be made before the changes can be accepted and published out to the internet.