Editorial Standards

Editorial Standards

In an effort to ensure all University communications convey a concise unified message, we have identified some guidelines to assist you in the creation of brochures, fliers, posters, postcards and web pages. Remember to always keep your audience in mind when establishing the tone of your writing. Simplify your message as much as possible. Always proofread your writing several times before publication.

The communications and marketing department uses the Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law (AP) as its source for appropriate style, usage and punctuation. There are standards included in this guide that are unique to UIW. When a discrepancy occurs, between UIW style and AP style or that of any other reference, UIW style takes precedence.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is a resource for all University personnel. Writing, editing and proofreading services are available through this department as well as general consultation for any questions on these topics.

All news releases and media relations are handled only through the OCM Office. News releases adhere to the same policies set forth in this style guide.

This guide is not a complete list of all matters of style and usage, but rather a compilation of the most frequently observed challenges in preparing UIW content.

It is important to consistently apply the rules in this guide to ensure the highest quality content possible in representing the University. For answers to additional questions about style and usage, consult the latest edition of the Associated Press Stylebook, published by The Associated Press, or call the Office of Communications and Marketing at (210) 829-6001.

What's New: 2017 Update

The Office of Communication and Marketing updates this document annually. By popular demand, this year's update includes more examples, and several additions and changes. Some include:

  • Capitalize university when referencing UIW only.
  • Updated current advertising tagline
  • When and how to properly capitalize department names, academic majors and other University programs
  • Use italics in place of quotes to denote composition titles.
  • Lowercase internet.
  • Updated UIW location names
  • A link to UIW social media style guidelines web page