University of the Incarnate Word vs. UIW

  • Either the complete name, University of the Incarnate Word, or the acronym UIW may be used to identify the University.
  • Do not use periods or spaces between the letters of the acronym.
  • Lowercase “the” in front of the full name in running copy. Avoid using “the” in front of the name in lists.
  • Always lowercase “of the” in the full version, University of the Incarnate Word
  • Incarnate Word may be used, but not in a first reference because of the possible confusion with Incarnate Word High School.

Incorrect: University of Incarnate Word is incorrect.

Incorrect: Incarnate Word University is incorrect.

Incorrect: Incarnate Word College is incorrect. UIW became a university in 1996.

University vs. university

  • Capitalize university when included in the full proper name of the institution.
  • Capitalize university when used in reference to the University of the Incarnate Word.
  • All other uses should be lowercase.

Correct: A new degree program was introduced at the University of the Incarnate Word.

Correct: A new degree program was introduced at the University.

Correct: New degree programs are regularly introduced at colleges and universities.

UIW Official Taglines and Registered Word Marks

Permanent tagline

The official permanent tagline for the University is: “The Universe is Yours.®” The tagline should always include a period and the registered trademark symbol. The permanent tagline is a key marketing element in the overall branding of the University. It represents UIW's curriculum, which offers students a comprehensive liberal education and professional studies that includes a global perspective and an emphasis on social justice and community service. The tagline helps to punctuate the University's Mission to educate men and women who will become concerned and enlightened citizens.

Current advertising tagline

The tagline for the current advertising campaign is “Discover the Power of You”. The University updates its advertising campaign every two years. University departments may choose to use the current advertising tagline in their materials to further enhance the consistent branding image of the University.

Word Marks

The following are trademarked word marks for the University of the Incarnate Word. The appropriate registered or trademark by usage symbol must accompany the word mark when standing alone. The registered and trademark by usage marks should appear in superscript when possible. A particular font is not required unless an actual logo is used in which case the appropriate guidelines must be followed. When used in the body of a correspondence or paragraph of a brochure or like material, the symbol is not required.

Indicated by the registered ® symbol:

  • UIW®
  • University of the Incarnate Word®
  • Brainpower®
  • Brainpower Connection®
  • The Universe is Yours.®
  • The Word Online®

Indicated by the trademark by usage™symbol:

  • Incarnate Word™
  • Incarnate Word Cardinals™
  • Cardinals™
  • The Cutting Edge™ Fiesta® Fashion Show