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P-Card Program

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The P-card Program is managed by the Comptroller’s Office. Any questions can be submitted via email to

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FAQ’s P‐card Program

What is a P‐card? Open
What is GRAM? Open
What kind of access to do I have? Open
What can I use my P‐card for? Open
I already have a University credit card; do I need a new card? Open
How do I order a P‐card? Open
How do I get my PIN? Open
I lost my card. What do I do? Open
My card was declined. What do I do? Open
How do I get my monthly credit limit adjusted? Open

FAQ’s Monthly P‐card Expense Reports

What is a P‐card Expense Report? Open
How many P‐card Expense Reports should I have? Open
When do I submit the P‐card Expense Report? Open
Who can submit P‐card Expense Reports? Open
Do I still need receipts? Open
How do I upload receipts? Open
Can I upload multiple documents? Open
Can I charge a single transaction to multiple accounts? Open
I received an email stating my P‐card Expense Report was rejected. What do I do? Open
I still have questions and I need help. What do I do? Open

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