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Learning Online

What do I need for online learning?

Internet Connection Close

We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 600 kbps for both upload and download speed. Most providers, even satellite, should offer basic packages that exceed this amount. If users are unable to obtain these speeds, they should not worry. Most applications and products will work just fine at slower speeds. This recommendation is a speed that will provide an optimal experience across all applications.

If your household does not have internet, some providers may offer special access deals, including free access for a limited time:

Also, many wireless providers are providing assistance as well:

  • Sprint and T-Mobile are making all data plan unlimited for next 60 days in increasing mobile hotspot tethering
  • Verizon has automatically added a 15 Gigabytes per month tethering allowance for all customers
  • AT&T will waive any data overage charges as long as the customer contacts them and requests
  • There may be additional providers and capabilities available. Users should continue to closely follow their individual providers

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots:

All service providers (AT&T, Spectrum, Comcast, and others) has opened their public WiFi hotspot networks for anyone to use at no charge for at least the next 60 days.

This does require you to be in physical proximity to connect to the hotspot. There are many of these installed throughout the country so finding one to use is as simple as checking their maps. Spectrum is one of the larger providers in the San Antonio Area and can be found here.

Please contact your internet and/or cell provider to learn of more about assistance that they may be providing.

Improving Home Internet Connectivity Open
Laptop or Desktop Computer Open
Web Camera for video sharing (if desired) Open
Headset Open

What if I have technology resource limitations?

Students that may not have the appropriate technology resources at home should contact the main UIW help desk between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to discuss additional options. Our team will work with each person on a case by case basis to determine next steps. The help desk can be reached via phone at (210) 829-2721 or email at

How Do I Access UIW Resources?

Email - Online and Microsoft Office Suite Open
Files - OneDrive Open
Printing large volumes to release at UIW - Mobility Print Open
Using Adobe Products - Adobe Creative Cloud Open

How do I collaborate with others?

Zoom (Video) Open
Teams (Group Messaging) Open

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