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The following is a sample list of research by Center of Medical Tourism Research personnel:

Journal Articles

  • Guiry, M. (2010), "Brand Positioning in the Medical Tourism Industry: A Brand Personality Perspective," International Journal of Behavioural and Healthcare Research (eds. Teachout & Vequist), 2 (1), 20-37.
  • Vequist, D. & Valdez, E. (2009), Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, "The Correlation between Medical Tourism and Biotechnology," Oct., 15 (4), 287-289.

Recent Invited Speaking Events

  • (Planned for Next Year)- 2011 International Conference on Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management (Dr. Guiry)

  • (Planned for Next Year)- 2011 Cardiology Administrators- Chicago, Illinois (Dr. Vequist)

  • (Planned for Next Year)- 2011 Egyptian Medical Tourism Conference- Cairo, Egypt (Dr. Vequist)

  • LifeSciences Alley- Minneapolis, Minnesota (Dr. Daly)- Dec. 2010

  • Healthcare Think Tank- San Antonio, Texas (Dr. Vequist)- Dec. 2010

  • MENA Healthcare Infrastructure Conference- Cairo, Egypt (Dr. Vequist)- Oct. 2010

  • Medical Tourism Educational Seminar- Cairo, Egypt (Dr. Vequist)- Oct. 2010

  • Cyprus Medical Tourism Congress- Nicosia, Cyprus (Dr. Guiry)- Sept. 2010

  • Congreso De Turismo Medico Puerto Vallarta 2010 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Dr. Vequist)- Sept. 2010

  • Mexico City Medical Tourism Congress 2010- Mexico City, Mexico (Dr. Vequist)- Sept. 2010

  • Ethics in Medical Tourism- Vancouver (at Simon Fraser University), Canada (Dr. Vequist)- June 2010

  • Global Spa Summit 2010- Istanbul, Turkey (Dr. Vequist)- May 2010

  • 2010 European Medical Tourism Conference- Venice, Italy (Dr. Vequist)- April 2010

  • 2010 Global Business & Economics Conference- Greece (Dr. Teachout)


Press and/or Quoted


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