General FAQs

What happened to all the data that was stored in GradesFirst? Open
How do I access Navigate? Open

Faculty FAQs

Am I required to track attendance in Navigate? Open
What is the difference between an Ad Hoc Progress Report and a Progress Report Campaign? Open

Advisor & Staff FAQs

A student dropped a class yesterday and it’s still not reflecting that change in their schedule in Navigate. Open
What is the difference between an Appointment Summary and a Note? Open
I have added a note by mistake and I would like to delete it, but I can’t find a way to delete it. How can I do this? Open
How do I make sure students don't make an appointment during my lunch? Open
Is the synching between Outlook instantaneous if an appointment is added to my calendar? Open
I don’t normally make appointments with students. Do I need to set my availability? Open
Why won't certain events sync on my calendar? Open

Student FAQs

How can I schedule an appointment? Open
I am not able to make my appointment, can I change it? Open
Can students see that the advisor has open times after that 14-day time period? Open

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