Project Info

The project to upgrade GradesFirst to Navigate began in July 2020 with the help of the system vendor, EAB. The core project team, known as the Leadership Team, helped make decisions on the go-live date, the colleges and departments who would be a part of the Phase I rollout, and how to configure the Navigate platform. The team consisted of:

  • Dr. Cyndi Porter, Project Champion
  • Sandy McMakin, Program Owner
  • Jonathan Lovejoy, Program Owner
  • Kedra Grant-Brinkley, representing Advising
  • Charles Puente, representing Advising
  • Dr. Amanda Johnston, representing Tutoring
  • Dione Bedell, representing SPS
  • Dr. Sarah Lang, representing SOM
  • David Kincaid, representing Optometry
  • Dr. Amy Diepenbrock, representing Pharmacy
  • Dr. Russell Attridge, representing Pharmacy
  • Dr. Lisa McDougle, representing Physical Therapy
  • Helen Lutz, Navigate Application Administrator
  • Thomas Dziuk, Technical Lead
  • Marlene Guevara, IT Project Manager

Phase I consisted of existing offices and users of GradesFirst. After the Phase I launch in January 2020, the team will progress to Phase II where additional care units will have the ability to onboard onto Navigate as first-time users. If your department is interested in using Navigate, please contact IT Project Manager, Marlene Guevara at

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