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Navigate provides academic advisors and staff with a platform to support student success. Through its real-time data, record-keeping tools, communication capabilities, predictive analytics, and reporting support staff can identify and keep track of students in need of support and pro-actively assist those students on their academic pathways.


  • Effective & unified student support: Through its care units, Navigate can now accommodate a range of support offices who can all work together or independently, to provide assistance to students.
  • Appointment scheduling: Students can schedule their own appointments online to request for a variety of support services.
  • Improved communication: Texting and messaging capabilities, as well as Email Capture, ensure communication between staff and students remain in one platform.
  • Record keeping: Navigate provides tools such as Notes, Progress Reports, and Appointment Summaries to record helpful information about a student.
  • Quick access to student information: Through its “Student Overview” and direct feed from Banner, Navigate provides staff with access to critical academic information to provide students with a tailored support experience.
  • Attendance tracking: Faculty can keep track of student attendance to support academic processes and identify students at-risk.
  • Early Alerts: through progress reports or ad hoc alerts, faculty can notify staff of student concerns to allow for early intervention.
  • Predictive insights into student success: Navigate now includes an analytics module which provides historical modeling of risk factors combined with students’ real time data so that staff can provide the most useful assistance to students.
  • Calendar Sync: Staff are able to sync their Navigate and Office 365 calendars to provide a comprehensive view of their availability.
  • Campaigns: Campaigns can be issued to request feedback from instructors on student progress through Progress Reports, as well as to mass-notify a group of students to schedule an appointment through Appointment Campaigns.

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