Request for Textbooks in Alternate Format

Students who have a documented print disability may request a copy of their textbooks in alternative format from Student Disability Services. Alternate formats include e-text, audio, large print, Braille, or other formats. Student Disability Services will work to get texts in the format that works best for you.  Requesting textbooks in an alternate format can be a lengthy process. Please be aware that although some texts can be acquired quickly, the process can take up to three weeks, so do not delay in submitting your request.

If a textbook in alternate format is not readily available, you will need to bring your book to the Student Disability Services office (SDS) so we can cut the binding, scan the book, and convert the book into electronic text.  This conversion can take several days depending upon the time of year. 

Information regarding the textbooks you will need for main campus classes can be obtained in various ways such as:

Items to consider before submitting your request for textbooks in alternate format:

  • Check to see if you can purchase your book an e-book, audio book, or other format that will work for you. If it is available in another format, consider purchasing the alternate format instead of a printed version.
  • Check Bookshare ( to see if an alternate format of your book is available. Let me know if you need assistance in signing up for a free membership to Bookshare.

If you aren’t able to get a text in an alternate format, purchase a hard copy of your textbook and request it in alternate format from Student Disability Services by completing the following online submission form. If you need any assistance with this form, please contact Student Disability Services at (210) 829-3997.