Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive writing tutoring? Open
How much does tutoring cost? Open
Do I have to make an appointment? Open
How do I schedule an appointment? Open
What happens during the session? Open
Are all the writing tutors English majors? Open
What if I need help with a certain kind of writing? Open
Can I request a specific tutor? Open
Can I just drop off my paper to have it proofread? Open
What if I have not written anything or started my paper yet? Open
How many appointments can I schedule? Open
How long are tutoring sessions? Open
Can we schedule a group session? Open
What should I bring to my tutoring session? Open
What if I am running late to my session? Open
How do I cancel an appointment? Open
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Can I get tutoring outside of business hours? Open
How can I become a tutor? Open
Can I print my paper? Open
Can I use the computers, even if I do not have a session? Open
Can I eat or drink in the WLC? Open