UIW Policy For Conducting Surveys

UIW Institutional Effectiveness Council Guidance for Surveys to Wide Audiences

IE Council Role in Approving UIW Surveys

The UIW IE Council (IEC) is responsible for coordinating any efforts to gather data from any groups in the UIW community – current and former students, and employees. The IEC encourages the use of surveys in the “search for and the communication of truth.” At the same time, the IEC provides oversight on surveys for two important reasons. First, if we survey people too often, we run the risk of causing ‘survey fatigue’ which irritates respondents from whom we hope to learn things. Second, the IEC serves as a central authority to schedule large surveys and to deconflict survey time slots, in order to maximize the benefits and responses to each survey.

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Common Surveys that do not Need IEC Approval Open
First Step for All Other Proposed Surveys Open
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