Faculty Responsibilities

To provide the most efficient and consistent testing services to the students, faculty members need to be specific as to the instructions and conditions under which examinations are to be administered.

 Faculty Make-up Exam Checklist: 

  1. Deliver test to University Testing Services (216 Adm. Bldg.) 24 hours before the exam.
  2. Sign the professors’ log and present your UIW employee ID or an alternate photo ID.
  3. Complete the make-up exam instructions form at the main desk.
  4. If you choose to deliver or pick up test by proxy, this person must present his/her UIW ID or an alternate photo ID and sign the professors’ log.
  5. The Make-up Exam instructions form can also be completed online using this form.
  6. Instructors can submit exams online by attaching a copy of the test in PDF or MS Word format.
  7. To make any changes to your test instructions, please do it in person or via e-mail ( If making changes by phone, please provide your UIW employee ID number and be very specific.
  8. Remind students to schedule an appointment and to bring their UIW ID or an alternate photo ID when they arrive for their testing appointment.

Faculty Accommodated Exam Checklist: 

  1. The SDS office requires all students to discuss their accommodated testing requirements with each instructor at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Upon the student’s request, deliver the test to University Testing Services (216 Adm. Bldg.) at least 24 hours before the test date.
  3. Complete a Testing Instructions for Accommodated Exams form at the main desk.
  4. Upon completion of the exam, University Testing Services staff notifies all instructors  via e-mail.
  5. Pick up the completed exam and sign the Testing Instructions for Accommodated Exams form in order to verify receipt.