Strategies for Success

This guide will give you research-supported strategies for success during your time at UIW. You'll find ideas you can implement on your own, along with where you can find help. Your Cardinal community is here for you.

Motivation and Goal Setting

Set SMART Goals Open
Motivation and Staying the Course Open
What If I Don't Know What My Goals Are? Open

Time Management

Where Does the Time Go? Open
Make a Plan Open

Study Strategies

Overview of Study Strategies Open
Practice Retrieval Open
Dual Coding Open
Spaced Practice Open
Elaborative Interrogation Open
Interleaving Open
Concrete Examples Open

Study Space

External Factors Open
Internal Factors Open

Note-Taking Tips

How To Take Notes Open
What to Write Down Open

Effective Study Groups

What's So Great About Study Groups? Open
Setting Up Study Groups Open
Effective Study Group Practices Open

Academic Integrity

What Is Academic Integrity? Open
Why Is This Such a Big Deal? Open
How You Can Demonstrate Academic Integrity Open


What to Expect from Tutoring Open
How to Prepare for Tutoring Open
Get in Touch Open