Advising Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my advisor? Open
Where can I change my advisor and/or major? Open
Does UIW provide accommodations for students with disabilities? Open
How do I learn about my progress towards earning my degree? Open
Where can I get an "Unofficial Degree Checklist"? Open
I would like to withdraw from the University, what do I need to do? Open
What can I do if I'm unable to attend my classes because of an emergency or sickness? Open
How do I calculate my Grade Point Average (GPA)? Open
How do I know what my classification is? Open
What is CLEP? Open
How do I drop/add courses? Open
How many absences can I have? Open
What is Canvas? Open
How do I withdraw from the University? Open
What is the Deans List? Open
What is a Learning Community? Open
What is a Prerequisite? Open
What is Scholastic Probation? Open
What GPA must I maintain in order to stay in Satisfactory Academic standing? Open