SPS Course Request

Students must meet with their advisor first before you can begin the request form.

SPS Course Request Form

Please use the following link to access the class schedule.

Or use the following instruction sheet SPS courses can be identified by the following campus types:
  • SPS Online
  • SPS Alamo Heights Center
  • SPS Northeast Center
  • SPS Northwest Center
  • SPS Corpus Christi Center

Please ensure that you have met all course prerequisite requirements before submitting the registration request form. Prerequisite requirements can be found in the UIW Undergraduate Catalog

SPS Drop/Withdrawal Policy

Visit the course drop page for instructions on how to drop/withdraw

Students are not dropped or withdrawn from individual courses if they do not attend class.

To qualify for a refund or reversal of charges you must drop or withdraw from class officially before the deadline.

Refund tuition at 100% (minus a $50 administrative fee per class) if the student drops before the end of the first week of classes (in writing before Friday @ 5:00 pm).

Students may withdraw up to the end of the sixth week without academic penalty. An administrative fee of $50 per class will be assessed. The student is responsible for full tuition as well. A grade of W will be issued.

It is not possible to withdraw from a three-semester-hour course after the sixth week. A course dropped by the end of the first week of class will not be on your permanent record. Withdrawal from a course before week seven and after week one will result in a permanent grade of “W.”

Students withdrawing from UIW may be required to repay some of their aid. Be sure to consult with the Financial Aid office prior to dropping or withdrawing by visiting their office in the Chapel Building, by phone 210-829-6008 or email to discuss potential financial aid implications.