Student Refunds

Refunds are issued when financial aid funds exceed the charges on a student's account. Refund disbursements begin the first business day after the 100% drop date each semester. Deadlines are posted on the Academic Calendar

Students may have refunds issued directly to their personal checking or savings account by submitting a direct deposit authorization form via email, fax, or in person. Students who do not enroll in direct deposit will receive a printed refund check to the permanent address on file. Direct deposit may be canceled at any time upon written request. 

Refund FAQ

When will I receive my refund? Open
I enrolled in direct deposit for this semester. Do I have to sign up again next term? Open
What if my account is with an out-of-state bank? Open
What happens if my bank account information is invalid (e.g. closed account, incorrect account number, etc.)? Open
Will I be notified when funds are deposited into my account? Open
Can my parents sign up for electronic refunds? Open