Tuition Discounts / Third Party Billing


UIW offers tuition discounts to active duty military members and their dependents, Department of Defense employees, retired military members, and employees of the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System. This discount is applied to the tuition charge only. In order to receive a discount, students must provide the following documentation to the Business Office:

  • DOD Employees: employment verification letter (15% discount)
  • Active Duty Military and Active Duty Dependents: present valid military ID or submit an SCRA verification form (15% discount)
  • Veterans: present valid military ID or DD214 Form (15% discount)
  • CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Employees: employment verification letter (25% discount)

DOD employees, active duty members/dependents, and CHRISTUS Santa Rosa employees must provide verification EACH semester to receive a discount.

Only dependents of active duty members may receive a discount (dependents of veterans are not eligible).    

The above discounts are offered to students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate level programs; students enrolled in professional schools or doctoral level programs are not eligible to receive a discount.      

Third Party Billing

UIW will bill employers or other entities (such as ROTC, Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan**, or trust funds) upon student request. Students must submit documentation of their third-party's intent to pay before the start of each semester. All third-party billing will be processed after the 100% drop date of the respective term. If a student has a balance after third-party payment has been applied to the account, then he/she will be responsible for making payment arrangements for the remaining tuition. 

**If you have Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP) funds that you would like to use towards your tuition, please submit a copy of your TGTP identification card to the Business Office. TGTP funds are typically received and applied to the student's account within 30 days of the invoice date.