Ralston, Nursing, and Perkins Loans

Please contact our office at (210) 829-6043 for assistance with making payment, completing Entrance/Exit Interviews, or signing self-certification notes. Please refer all other loan questions to: University Accounting Services 1-800-999-6227.

Am I eligible for a Nursing, Ralston, or Perkins loan? Open
How much money can I borrow? Open
When will my Nursing, Nurse Faculty, or Ralston loan be posted to my student account? Open
Who is my lender? Open
Are there any fees associated with my loan(s)? Open
When do I pay back my loans? Open
How much will I have to repay each month? Open
Can I postpone payment for my loan(s)? Open
Can my loan(s) be canceled? Open
Where do I send payments? Open
How do I get information on the interest I paid on my Nursing, Nurse Faculty, and Ralston Loans? Open
Is my loan reported to the credit bureau? Open
Where can I update my address? Open
What if I am not returning to UIW? Open