Ralston, Nursing, and Perkins Loans

Please contact our Finance Loan Officer at 210.829.6084 for assistance with making payments, completing Entrance/Exit Interviews, or signing self-certification notes. Please refer all other loan questions to:University Accounting Services 800.999.6227


Am I eligible for a Nursing, Ralston, or Perkins loan?

Students accepted to the UIW School of Nursing are eligible to apply for Nursing and Ralston loans. The Federal Perkins Loan Program expired on September 30th, 2017, and no funding is available at this time.

How much money can I borrow?

The Office of Financial Assistance determines eligibility for borrowing loan funds. Their office can be reached directly at 210-829-6008 or

When will my Nursing, Nurse Faculty, or Ralston loan be posted to my student account?

Students must first complete the following before loan funds are credited to the account:

  • complete an Entrance Interview
  • complete a self-certification form
  • acknowledge disclosure statements
  • sign a promissory note at

Where do I sign my promissory note?

Promissory notes can be signed online at

Who is my lender?

The University of the Incarnate Word is the lender for all Nursing Loans, Nurse Faculty Loans, and Ralston Loans.

Are there any fees associated with my loan(s)?

No. However, late fees may be applied if you skip a payment, make a payment late, or only make partial payment. If failure to make payment persists, you will be subject to collections fees as well.

When do I pay back my loans?

Payment for Ralston loans is due seven (7) months after graduating/leaving UIW. Payment for Nursing and Faculty Nursing Loans is due nine (9) months after graduating/leaving UIW. If you are enrolled at least half-time at another institution (Ralston Loan), or enrolled at another nursing school (Nursing/Faculty Nursing Loan) then you can request a payment deferment by contacting UAS.

If attending less than half-time, contact University Accounting Services to determine your grace period.

How much will I have to repay each month?

Your monthly installment amount will depend on how much was originally borrowed, but will notfall below $40 per month.

How long do I have to repay my loan(s)?

10 years.

Can I postpone payment for my loan(s)?

Yes. Under certain circumstances, you can receive a deferment or forbearance on your loan. Deferments/forbearance are not automatic, and you must apply for one through University Accounting Services (UAS) using a deferment request form. Request forms can be obtained by contacting UAS directly, or by visiting You must file your deferment/forbearance request by the posted deadline or you will be responsible for late fees. For more information on payment deferment, contact UAS at 800.999.6227.


Deferment allows you to temporarily postpone loan payments without accruing any interest.


Forbearance allows you to temporarily postpone or reduce payments. Interest will continue to accrue during the forbearance period.

Forbearance may be granted in up to 12-month intervals, for up to 3 years. Forbearance is not automatic; you must apply and provide supporting documentation along with your request. Additionally, you must continue to make scheduled payments until you receive notification that deferment/forbearance has been granted. You can download the forbearance request form at, or call UIW at 210.829.6084 to apply.

Can my loan(s) be canceled?

For information on loan cancellation, contact University Accounting Services at 800.999.6227.

Do I have to pay my loan if I do not receive a bill?

Yes. It is the borrower's responsibility to pay the loan regardless of whether a monthly statement is received.

Where do I send payments?

University Accounting Services, Attn: Payment
Processing Dept. P.O. Box 5291
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5293

How do I get information on the interest I paid on my Nursing, Nurse Faculty, and Ralston Loans?

Log on to Borrowers previously authenticated through the University Accounting Services ECHO electronic billing system will simply enter their credentials.

Borrowers not authenticated must enter their social security number, zip code, and university name. If a borrower cannot access the electronic form, UAS will mail one by January 31 (the IRS deadline).

Is my loan reported to the credit bureau?

Yes, all loans are reported and updated accordingly.

Where can I update my address?

Send any address changes to:
University Accounting Services
P.O. Box 932
Brookefield, WI 53008-0932

What if I am not returning to UIW?

Upon graduation or withdrawal from UIW, you must complete an Exit Interview online by logging into You must also notify the Finance Loan Officer at 210-829-6084 or if you will not be returning to the university.