Contact HR

Annette Thompson
Associate Vice President for Human Resources
(210) 829-6019

Shannon Root
Director of Human Resources
(210) 832-2161

Heather Hamilton
Assistant Director of Human Resources

Feik School of Pharmacy
(210) 832-2104

Brenda Mata
HR Manager
School of Osteopathic Medicine and School of Nursing and Health Professions
(210) 832-2195

Victor Guajardo
Benefits Manager
Retirement, Claim Issues, and Wellness

Michael Schneid
Human Resources Administrator
Rosenberg School of Optometry, School of Physical Therapy, Training/Development,
(210) 829-6083

Jaime Lopez
Benefits Specialist
New Hire Benefits and Life-Changing Events
(210) 829-6085

Diane Mazuca
Recruiter and Onboarding Specialist
Applicant Tracking System, and Onboarding
(210) 283-6418

Mallory Angier
Human Resources Generalist
Tuition Waiver , Tuition Exchange Program, Leave of Absence/FMLA, DOT, Workers' Comp
(210) 283-5068

Melody Colunga
Human Resources Assistant
Payroll Authorization Processing and Terminations
(210) 890-8569

Paula Casiano
Employee Emergency Loans
(210) 829-6019

Office of Human Resources located in Founders Hall, 5th Floor