Report a Work Order

Submit a Work Order

Our department is excited to announce that residents have the ability to submit a work order for their room directly from the web.  Please follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log in Dude Solutions Logo

  • Log into your Cardinal Apps and Search for "Dude Solutions" among the icons.

Step 2: Location

  • Under the 'Location' tab, please select 'Residence Halls.' This will bring up the residence halls in the 'Building' tab. 
  • Select your building in the 'Building' tab. 
  • For the 'Area,' please select 'Student Room.'   
  • It is very important that you put your room number in the 'Area/Room Number' location so our maintenance department knows where exactly the issue is occurring.

Step 3: Select Problem Type

  • Electrical: If all your plugs in your room stop working, please select this category
  • Elevators: If you notice an elevator is not working, or if something needs to be repaired in an elevator such as a light, please select this category
  • Fire Protection: If your smoke detector starts beeping, please select this category
  • General Maintenance: If you cannot figure out where your issue needs to go, select this category
  • Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning: If your A/C is not working or there are issues within your room, please select this category
    • Please note, all thermostats should have the fan set to "Auto" to help control humidity and air flow
    • The facilities department maintains a consistent air temperature throughout the residence halls.  If you like your room extra cool, please make sure you bring a fan
  • Lighting: If a light goes out in your room, please select this category
  • Pest Control: If there are pests in your room, you will select this category
    • Please note, our pest control contractor comes out on Fridays in the morning
  • Plumbing: If there is anything wrong with plumbing such as a sink, drain, shower, or toilet, please select this category

Step 4: Please describe your problem or request

  • It is very important you are detailed as possible!  Instead of saying "Toilet is broken," describe the issue: "Toilet does not flush when handle is pushed" or "Toilet is clogged"

Step 5: Attachment

  • Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!  Feel free to attach a picture

One of the perks of submitting your own work order is that you will be receive e-mail communication about the status and any updates on your work order.  You can also view your work orders on the "My Requests" tab.  

Submit a Work Order