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Residence Life Team

Residents living on campus are supported by the Director of Residence Life and Housing Operations, the Assistant Director of Residence Life, the Residence Life Coordinator of Housing Operations, the Residence Life Student Advisor, 3 Graduate Assistants 45 Resident Assistants, and various work-study student staff. In addition, both custodial and maintenance staff play an important role in providing an exceptional living environment.

Residence Life and Housing Operations

Diana Sanchez

Diana Sanchez

Director of Residence Life and Housing Operations

Diane Sanchez is responsible for 1200+ on-campus students and making sure that their experience is the best while staying on campus. From sitting on safety meetings, to collaborating with other departments on campus, Diane looks for new ways to deliver a positive and memorable residential experience.

Phone: (210) 829-3819
(210) 283-5023

Her office is located in the Student Engagement Center (SEC 3160)

Residence Life

J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar

J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar

Assistant Director of Residence Life 

J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar’s primary responsibility is the residential and academic experience. Overseeing two Graduate Area Coordinators, a student assistant, and 45 Resident Assistants, J.R. is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department that include maintenance, concerns, and conduct. Consider him your “go-to” person for your housing and residential needs.

Phone: (210) 805-2357 
Fax: (210) 283-5023

His office is located in the Student Engagement Center (SEC 3159)

Vana Stevens

Vana Stevens

Residence Life Student Advisor

Vana Stevens is one of the newest staff members to the Residence Life team.  Her primary role is to support our residential students through engaging, interactive programming, wellness checks through intentional interactions, and serving as a voice and resource for our student and student staff.  Vana also is the primary contact for the living and learning communities housed within our department.  Vana is always eager to meet our students and help them achieve their goals.

Phone: (210) 805-5866 
Fax: (210) 283-5023

Her office is located in the Joeris Hall Residence Life Office (JO 110)

Marissa Watters Headshot

Marissa Watters

Graduate Area Coordinator-Residential Experience

Marissa is responsible for the overall experience of our 1200+ residents. She are ready to assist with roommate conflicts, new ideas or initiatives, general questions, comments, or concerns. She is able to connect with a variety of different departments and resources to help enhance their residential experience.  Marissa assists with making sure our students are making great connections with our residents!

Phone: (210) 805-2355
Fax: (210) 283-5023

Her office is located in the Joeris 1st Floor 108 (JO 109)

Jackie Ortiz

Jackie Ortiz

Graduate Area Coordinator-Residential Education

Jackie is responsible for the academic success of our residents, specifically those students participating in the HOPE LLC and Honors LLC.  Jackie reviews programming proposals, hosts departmental programming, and is a point-of-contact for bringing academic initiatives into the halls such as tutoring, advising, etc.  

Phone: (210) 805-2356
Fax: (210) 283-5023

Her office is located in the Joeris 1st Floor 108 (JO 110)

Housing Operations

Manuel Esquivel

Manuel Esquivel

Coordinator of Housing Operations

Manuel’s responsibility is to be the manager of all things housing and numbers. Beyond that, Manuel is responsible for applications, meal plans, assignments, room changes, and housing billing. Always be on the lookout for e-mails with important housing updates, deadlines, and procedures. Consider him your “go-to” person for questions about your bills, meal plans, or the possibility of living at UIW.

Phone: (210) 805-5865
(210) 283-5023

His office is located in the Student Engagement Center (SEC 3158)

Gianna Velasquez

Gianna Velasquez

Graduate Area Coordinator-Housing Operations

Gianna oversees the overall maintenance and aesthetics of our 10 residential facilities. In addition, she is responsible for final walk-throughs once residents have checked out of their room. Gianna supports the Housing Operations side of our department. Often she is one of the first points of contact if you visit our office with a housing question!

Phone: (210) 283-5024
Fax: (210) 283-5023

Her office is located in the Student Engagement Center (SEC 3170)

Important Departments and Offices

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Campus Engagement 

Student activities, clubs/organizations, Greek Life 

SEC 3150 

(210) 829-6034

Student Advocacy and Accountability

Conduct violations, CARE team, alcohol and drug general education trainings 

SEC 3150 

(210) 829-6034

Office of Financial Assistance 

Inquiries relating to financial aid, student residential status, scholarships and loans, etc. 

Chapel Building  

(210) 829-6008

Academic Advising 

Schedule, add/drop classes, general advising 

(210) 805-5814

Business Office 

Student billing, payment plans, housing deposit 

AD 190 

(210) 829-6043

University Police 

Student safety, after hour escorts, reporting 

Clement Hall Lobby 

(210) 829-6030

Counseling Services 

Individual/group counseling, anxiety, depression, etc. 

AD 438 


(210) 832-5656

Health Services 

Immunizations, treatment of illnesses, education, psychiatric appointments 

Between AG and Nursing Building 

(210) 829-6017 

Veterans Affairs 

Benefits information, resources, etc. 

SEC 3021 

(210) 832-5651