Patient Rights and Responsibilities

As a patient you have the right to

  • Receive quality health care by properly trained and licensed health professionals.
  • Be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Expect that all communications and records pertaining to your health care are treated as confidential and consistent with the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Standards and Texas Law.
  • Receive a copy of and ask questions concerning our Patient Privacy Notice.
  • Receive information concerning your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and significant risks in terms you can understand prior to consenting to a procedure.
  • Refuse treatment after adequate explanations by your medical provider. However, you must be informed of the medical consequences of this action.
  • Change your provider, if desired.
  • Inquire about fees for treatment prior to delivery of services.
  • Address complaints and/or concerns through the Complaint/Grievance Form, which will be sent to the Health Service Director.
  • Protected Health Information (PHI) complaints will be addressed by the Privacy Officer.

As a patient you have the responsibility to

  • Give at least two hour notice to cancel any appointment.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  • Provide accurate information concerning your past health history, medications, allergies (including latex), current address, phone number and emergency contacts.
  • Respect the rights of other patients and staff. Follow all UIW rules and regulations pertaining to safety, and general conduct.
  • Ask questions regarding your diagnosis or treatment.
  • Follow the treatment plan or medical advice, which may include securing personal transportation from UIW Health Services when unable to drive.
  • Call Health Services if your symptoms are not improving or if your symptoms worsen.
  • Keep follow-up appointments to ensure good health.
  • Plan ahead and be aware of the Health Services' operating schedule.
  • Pay for services when rendered.
  • Refrain from using your cell phone while in the clinic.
  • Supply UIW student or employee identification at each visit.