About Us

University Mission and Ministry

The Purpose of the University Mission & Ministry is to make visible and tangible the

Incarnate Word of God in the Univeristy.

We do this by:

Engaging University life through prayer, liturgy, outreach, faith development, and pastoral care. While expressing a Catholic identity and the Incarnational spirituality of the founding Sisters, we are enriched by the religious tradition of each individual. Mission & Ministry seeks to empower this community to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by facilitating initiatives of service, peace, and justice.

Student Peer Ministry interns are an integral part of this ministry and their growth in faith and development of leadership skills is a core aspect of our ministry. Together, the professional staff and student Ministry Interns seek to extend an invitation to all students, faculty, and staff to explore formative issues of faith, values, and purpose.

University Mission & Ministry Team

Sister Walter Maher, CCVI

Sr. Walter Maher, CCVI

Vice President for Mission & Ministry

(210) 829-3939

Brenda Dimas

Brenda Dimas

Administrative Assistant to the VP for Mission & Ministry

(210) 829-3128

Fr. Thomas Dymowski OSST

Fr. Thomas Dymowski, O.SS.T.

University Chaplain

(210) 829-3131

Fr. Leo Almazan Estevez

Fr. Leobardo Almazan Estevez

Assistant to the VP MISN/Chaplain

(210) 832-5316

Bishop Trevor Alexander

Bishop Trevor Alexander

Protestant Chaplain

(210) 829-3130

Elisabeth "Beth" Villarreal

Elisabeth "Beth" Villarreal

Director of Campus Ministry

(210) 829-2736

Lena Gokelman

Lena Gokelman

Director of Music Ministries

(210) 832-3207

Carmen Aguilera

Carmen Aguilera

Liturgy & Music Assistant

(210) 832-3207

Josh Welker

Josh Welker

Coordinator of Mission & Ministry at the School of Physical Therapy

(210) 842-7254

Sr. Adriana Calzada Vasquez Vela, CCVI

Sr. Adriana Calzada Vazquez Vela, CCVI

Young Adult Minister

(210) 841-7239