Our Lady's Chapel

Lent and Easter

Every year in early spring, we enter into a special time of the liturgical year known as Lent. In other words, from Ash Wednesday to the day before Easter Sunday; we will be invited to devote ourselves to seek the Lord in prayer (especially by reading Scriptures), service (especially through almsgiving), and sacrifice (especially fasting).

Tuesday before Lent — Lenten Reflection: Lent at UIW

Lent at UIW – An Introduction Open

Ash Wednesday

Learning with Christ Open

Friday after Ash Wednesday

Changing Who We Are – How do We Begin? Open

Friday – Week 1

The apostles with Jesus were naturally terrified by the miracle they were witnessing Open

Friday – Week 2

John’s account of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is beautiful and gripping. Open

Friday – Week 3

A Reflection on John 9:1-41 - The Blind Man Open

Friday – Week 4

Lazarus’s Resurrection, John 11:1-45 Open

Friday before Palm Sunday

Each Sunday of Lent has revealed different images of Jesus Open

Holy Week

Tuesday: Responding to God’s Wondrous Love Open
Wednesday: Showing Humility and Service Open
Thursday: Easter Vigil Reflection Open


Easter Sunday: Out of Darkness, Light Open
Easter Week: Easter Faith and Paschal Joy Open
Easter Reflection: Second Sunday Open
Easter Reflection: Rebirth and the Resurrection Open

Reflections for the Spiritual Year

Traveling the Road to Emmaus Open
On being the Good Shepherd Open
Find the Way to the Father Open
Uncovering the Spirit of Truth and Love Open
Commissioning of the Disciples Open
Hope and Peace Sustains the Apostles Open
Solemnity of Corpus Christi Open