Reflection: Sept. 19, 2023 Prayer for The Word Today

We thank You, Lord, for the perfection with which You
created our mother earth. For filling her with beauty,
goodness and generosity. For looking at her with love,
because by contemplating her You reaffirmed that
everything created was very good.
We thank You, Lord, for the trees, plants and flowers
that speak to us through Your silence, for the song of
the birds that in their diversity sing a beautiful melody
to their Creator, for the air that gently caresses us.
We thank You for all the Universe that in constant
movement renews, recreates and transforms itself,
elevating our being to You and making us contemplate
Your greatness, praising You for all that You have
created, as Saint Francis and Saint Clare did one day.
We thank You Lord for so many men and women who
throughout history have loved, guarded and cared
for our common home, raising their voices as brave
prophets, denouncing the injustice, misappropriation
and exploitation of our sacred natural resources,
accepting persecution and even martyrdom.
We ask for their intercession, along with Mary, our
Mother, for all the people throughout the world who
respect our sister mother earth, who contemplate her
and feel as one with her, who work for good and who
go throughout the world as messengers of peace and
consciousness, praising You for having created her.