Faculty/Staff Concerns

I am Faculty and Want to Support a Student

As a faculty or staff member at the University of the Incarnate Word, you are in a unique position. Students may look to you as a role model and as a resource for help with their problems. You play a significant role in students’ motivation and success. Due to this unique position, you will often be the first one to recognize signs of suicidality or distress in a student. This guide is designed to give you confidence to intervene with distressed students; it includes information about referring to Behavioral Health Services, identifying some signs of student distress, and assisting and referring students for counseling or other help.

Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Open
Emergency Situations Open
Consult With BHS Open
Signs of Suicidality Open
Tips For Helping Someone Having Thoughts of Suicide Open

You can also reach out to the UIW CARE team with any concerns about the student(s) or file an incident report, so the student(s) receive(s) additional support.