Proxy Borrowing

Purpose of Proxy Borrowing

Allows designated proxies (student assistants) to check out library materials on behalf of a faculty.

Setting up a Proxy

Faculty must pick up a form at the Library (Circulation Desk) or download the form from the Library's web page. Please return form to Library Circulation Desk CPO#297, attn. Ms Kathy Mulligan

Please Note

  • By designating a student assistant to act as your proxy, you authorize that individual to check out materials on your behalf and for which you are responsible.
  • You will be personally responsible for the replacement cost and any other charges may accrue for materials checked out in your name by your proxy.
  • The duration of the proxy agreement between the faculty member and the Library is in effect for the current semester only while named proxy is currently enrolled. Faculty must immediately notify the Circulation Desk supervisor if designated proxy leaves the university at any time and for any reason.
  • The proxy agreement may be renewed at the request of the faculty
  • Any questions in reference to this policy should be addressed to Dell Davis, Director of Public Services, (210) 829-6054.

Click to download the Proxy Borrowing Form in Adobe Acrobat Format.