Discipline Liaison Librarians

How to Get Help in Your Discipline

Librarians do not conduct research for students but will encourage and help them begin their own research, write their own papers, and create their own bibliographies. Librarians will help you with research and in understanding how to evaluate information sources. Professional staff may suggest that students contact the Writing and Learning Center, the Online Writing Center, or the Writing Support offered by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Librarians also assist faculty in determining which resources best support their information needs and in developing appropriate information literacy and co-curricular support services and resources. For direction in determining which librarian can work in developing information literacy supports, please contact Leslie Todd.

Discipline Liaison Librarians
Librarian Area of Specialization Phone Email Address
Paul Andersen Business (collections development, reference, and instruction) (210) 832-2119
Erin Cassity Distance Learning Librarian
Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Psychology (collections development, reference, and instruction)
(210) 283-6316
Dell Davis Athletic Training, Biology, Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security Systems, Data Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Medicine, Meteorology, Nursing, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Nutrition, Physics, Physical Therapy (collections development, reference, and instruction) (210) 829-6054
Rebecca Dillen Physical Therapy (collections development, reference, and instruction) (210) 283-6920
Dawn Field Biomedical Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine, Public Health (210) 619-7038
Mary Jinks Education, Juvenile and Young Adult Literature, The Athenaeum (collections development and reference) (210) 829-3839
Linda Levy Pharmacy

(210) 883-1121

Farhad Moshiri Music, Audiovisuals (collections development and reference) (210) 829-3842
Dede Rios Optometry (collections development, reference, and instruction) (210) 930-8688
Melissa Rucker Art, Cultural Studies, English, Government, History, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Theatre Arts (collections development and reference) (210) 829-6097
Leslie Todd Fashion Management and Design, Interior Environmental Design, Graphic Design, Communication Arts (collections development, reference, and instruction) (210) 829-3841
Yaguchi, Yumi Biomedical Sciences, Osteopathic Medicine, Public Health (210) 619-7039