Find Your Librarian

Librarians serve in a number of roles in support of co-collaborative teaching, learning, research and scholarship at the University of the Incarnate Word. These roles include reference and research consultation, serving as liaisons for academic departments and disciplines, collection development, and coordinating library programs and systems that support library users.

Please consult the directory of librarians below to get assistance in your area of need. If you are uncertain who to reach out to, please feel free to contact the Reference Desk at (210) 829-3835 or via email at

Liaison and Research Librarians

Supports undergraduate / graduate students and faculty in assigned disciplines in all instructional modalities through reference and research consultation. Works with faculty and program leads in identifying and creating learning objects and building scaffolded instruction. Works with faculty and collection development librarians in developing collections, discipline resources, and assisting with literature searches and other research activities.

Liason and Research Librarians
Librarian Area of Specialization Phone Email Address
Paul Andersen Business, Sports Management, Communication Arts (210) 832-2119
Marlo Brown Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security Systems, Data Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Meteorology, Nutrition, Physics, Statistics (210) 832-2156
Erin Cassity Education, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Data Science (210) 283-6316
Dell Davis Community Health, Health Care Science, Kinesiology, Nuclear Medicine Science, Nursing (210) 829-6054
Rebecca Dillen Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training (210) 283-6920
Dawn Field Biomedical Science, Osteopathic Medicine, Public Health (210) 283-6971
Linda Levy Pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician (210) 883-1121
Farhad Moshiri Art, Languages, Music, Photography, Theatre Arts (210) 829-3842
Dede Rios Optometric Sciences (210) 930-8688
Leslie Todd 3D Animation/Game Design, English, Fashion Management/Design, Graphic Design, History, Interior Design, International Affairs, Political Science (210) 829-3841
Yumi Yaguchi Biomedical Science, Osteopathic Medicine, Public Health (210) 619-7039
Reference Desk Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies (210) 829-3835

Collection Development

Works with faculty and discipline librarians in working with and developing collections and in providing reference and research support.

Collection Development
Librarian Area of Specialization Phone Email Address
Mary Jinks Juvenile and Young adult collections, Special Collections, Education (210) 829-3839
Melissa Rucker College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Dissertations and Theses (210) 829-6097

Systems / Program Coordinators

Serves as the program coordinator of a core library program or system. May serve as a collection development librarian in assigned disciplines.

Systems / Program Coordinators
Librarian Area of Specialization Phone Email Address
Erin Cassity Information Literacy Learning Assessment (210) 283-6316
Mary Jinks Institutional Repository, Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing (210) 829-3839
Farhad Moshiri Media Acquisitions (210) 829-3842
Michael Peters Systems, Online Platforms, e-Resources and Remote Access (210) 805-5886
Melissa Rucker Institutional Repository, Bibliographic Metadata (210) 829-6097
Leslie Todd Information Literacy Instruction (210) 829-3841