Borrowing From Other Libraries

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a free service that allows UIW students, faculty, and staff to borrow books, media, and obtain copies of articles not available in the UIW Libraries from libraries around the world. Our interlibrary loan service provides UIW users with the necessary materials for their education and research. Borrowing of items is set by the owning institution. If they do not allow ILL of a certain material, we will look for another library that will allow it. Not all materials lend themselves to this kind of service. Items in Special Collections are an example of materials that may not be lent via ILL.

After UIW Library Users perform a comprehensive search of resources owned and accessible via the UIW Libraries and free sources online, students, faculty and staff may use our Interlibrary Loan system (ILLiad) to request the item. If the item is subject to ILL, staff will advise you when it arrives, either in the library or electronically. More about Interlibrary Loan


TexShare is a program of the Texas State Library and Archives that allows Texas residents to borrow books from other Texas libraries. Most academic and all public libraries in the state participate in the TexShare Borrowing Program. UIW students, faculty, and staff may obtain a TexShare card from the Reference Desk or their Liaison and Research Librarian. A TexShare card, along with a UIW ID, allows the borrower to check out materials directly from another library. TexShare Borrowers are directly responsible for returning the materials to the lending library. TexShare cards must be renewed each semester. Learn more about the program at TexShare Card Program.