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Syllabi and Course Design

The Purpose

We are here to help you reach your desired pedagogical goals via a systematic approach to how you design your course and develop your syllabi. Regardless of the subject, size, or level of the course, our systematic approach to course design will help you achieve your desired instructional goals. We can help you by working together to create a structure in your classroom that provides meaningful learning experiences that are engaging, active, and student-centered. Additionally, we provide guidance as you develop your syllabi which is critical for communicating course expectations, teaching methods, assignments, etc.


The course outline has some requirements as to what is needed for the course outline and must include all of the following...

  1. The topics to be covered in the semester (Including, but not limited to, those listed in the course syllabus)
  2. List of student assignments and their respective due dates
  3. The course learning outcomes (Including, but not limited to, those listed in the course syllabus)
  4. Method of determining the final grade
  5. Required textbooks and other resources
  6. Attendance policy and any other regulations the instructor has chosen to implement
  7. Other relevant materials should be included at the discretion of the instructor

Please, refer to Chapter 7: Policies/Procedures Related to Instruction (pg. 123) in the official UIW Faculty Handbook for specific details and guidance on course policies.

UIW Faculty Handbook

Topics Related to Syllabi and Course Design

Assessments Open
Assignments Open
Course Policies Open
Importance of Feedback Open
Language to Use (I.e., First generation, DEIB, Disabilities, Wellness, etc.) Open
Mapping of Course Content Open
Planning Open
Setting Expectations Open

Resources for Creating your Syllabi and Designing your Course