The Fellowship for Teaching and Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for your interest in the Fellowship for Teaching and Learning with Artificial Intelligence at. The fellowship is dedicated to advancing the ethical, effective, and innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.


The mission of this fellowship is to provide comprehensive guidance and support to faculty members, fostering a culture of informed exploration, critical inquiry, and evidence-based practices in integrating AI technologies into teaching and learning experiences.


Promote ethical AI integration:

This fellowship is committed to ensuring that AI technologies are employed in teaching and learning environments in a manner that upholds principles of ethical use, equity, transparency, accountability, and privacy. We aim to establish guidelines and best practices that prioritize understanding the value and issues surrounding generative AI systems and the ethical considerations surrounding AI implementation, preventing bias, and safeguarding the rights and dignity of all stakeholders.

Facilitate professional development:

The fellowship is dedicated to empowering all educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to effectively leverage AI tools in their educational endeavors. Through workshops, seminars, and curated resources, we seek to cultivate a community of educators proficient in using AI to enhance pedagogical strategies, personalize learning experiences, and engage diverse student populations.

Evaluate and Disseminate Best Practices:

The fellowship is committed to conducting rigorous assessments of AI applications in education to identify best practices and strategies for optimizing learning outcomes. This fellowship will disseminate evidence-based findings, case studies, and exemplary use-cases, ensuring that all educators have access to a repository of vetted approaches for effective AI integration.

Promote Interdisciplinary Collaboration:

The fellowship recognizes that the successful integration of AI in education requires cross-disciplinary expertise and collaboration. We strive to facilitate partnerships between all educators from diverse academic backgrounds, enabling the co-creation of innovative AI-driven teaching methods and technologies.


Facilitate Basic Understanding:

The fellowship will develop and disseminate content through professional development opportunities through multimodal delivery (online and face-to-face) covering fundamental AI concepts and their application in education, culminating in a podcast and webpage accessible to all faculty members.

Provide Tools & Resources:

The fellowship will test, vet, and compile a curated list of user-friendly AI tools, along with instructional guides, and host them on a dedicated webpage for easy accessibility by faculty members and create podcast episodes for further explanation.

Support Assignment Modification:

The fellowship will conduct workshops and provide resources to assist faculty members in modifying assignments to effectively integrate AI, with all guidance housed on a dedicated webpage and podcast.

Enhance Instructional Efficiencies:

The fellowship will evaluate and recommend AI-driven solutions to expedite the development of instructional activities and assessment tools, including test questions, and rubrics with attention to AI-aided grading to enhance efficiency.

Address Ethical Concerns:

The fellowship will develop a comprehensive guide addressing ethical considerations in AI use for education, accessible on a dedicated webpage for ongoing reference by faculty members.

The ultimate outcome will be the establishment of a dedicated webpage and podcast containing a comprehensive suite of pedagogical resources, tools, and guidance for faculty members at the University of the Incarnate Word, facilitating informed and effective integration of Artificial Intelligence in teaching and learning practices.

By embracing these principles and pursuing our mission and goals, this fellowship seeks to empower faculty members at the University of the Incarnate Word to harness the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence, enhancing the quality, accessibility, and impact of education for all learners.

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