Intercultural House

Intercultural House (I-House)

Intercultural House (I-House) is the newest Living and Learning Community at UIW. Sponsored in conjunction with International Student and Scholar Services and Residence Life and Housing Operations, I-House develops a global community for students around the globe.

Core Values

  • Respect: Treat all people with dignity and be open-minded
  • Diversity: Appreciate and acknowledge differences
  • Social Responsibility: Commitment to making the world a better place
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for your actions  
  • Education: Continuously seeking opportunities for life-long learning

Learning Objectives  

  • Residents will understand local and global issues by participating in several community service projects that focuses on global refugees and other local and global issues.  
  • Residents will discover other cultures and increase their cultural awareness by attending two cultural campus programs or international dinners per theme.  
  • Residents will develop intercultural communication skills by living with a roommate from another country and attending intercultural communication workshops together.  

Sample Activities/Resources

  • Faculty partners to help guide residents' growth as global citizens
  • Resident assistants to develop community and build strong connections in the hall
  • Cultural Programming (Diwali, Asian New Year, Light the Way)
  • International Dinner Nights
  • Cultural Excursions


To participate in the I-House LLC, a resident must meet a set of criteria:

  1. Have completed one year of coursework at a University or college, AND
  2. Have participated in a UIW study abroad program, OR
  3. Will participate in a UIW study abroad program within one year, OR
  4. An international student studying abroad

Interested students must complete both a housing application and an I-House Application

Program Contacts

Danielle Vogel - International Student Advisor
(210) 283-6915

J.R. Chiodo-Benmuvhar - Assistant Director of Residence Life
(210) 805-2357

Contact Information

Student Engagement Center 3150

(210) 829-6034

All Campus RA Phone

(210) 216-6831

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