Intercultural House

Intercultural House (I-House)

Intercultural House (I-House) is the newest Living and Learning Community at UIW. Sponsored in conjunction with International Student and Scholar Services and Residence Life and Housing Operations, I-House develops a global community for students around the globe. The Intercultural House will be located in the Avoca apartments. While strongly encouraged to reside in the community, students may still participate in the program while living in a different location.

Core Values

  • Respect: Treat all people with dignity and be open-minded
  • Diversity: Appreciate and acknowledge differences
  • Social Responsibility: Commitment to making the world a better place
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for your actions
  • Education: Continuously seeking opportunities for life-long learning

Learning Objectives

  • Residents will understand local and global issues by participating in several community service projects that focuses on global refugees and other local and global issues.
  • Residents will discover other cultures and increase their cultural awareness by attending two cultural campus programs or international dinners per theme.
  • Residents will develop intercultural communication skills by living with a roommate from another country and attending intercultural communication workshops together.

Sample Activities/Resources

  • Faculty partners to help guide residents' growth as global citizens
    • Topics have included health concerns around the globe, international marketing perceptions, the US constitution
  • Resident assistants to develop community and build strong connections in the hall
  • Cultural Programming (Diwali, Asian New Year, Light the Way)
  • International Dinner Nights
  • Cultural Excursions
    • Institute of Texan Cultures, Muertosfest, City of San Antonio Tour


To participate in the I-House LLC, a resident must meet a set of criteria:

  1. Have completed one year of coursework at a University or college, AND
  2. Have participated in a UIW study abroad program, OR
  3. Will participate in a UIW study abroad program within one year, OR
  4. An international student studying abroad

Interested students must complete both a housing application and an I-House Application

Applications will open on Monday, March 18, 2024 and will close on July 1, 2024. Priority deadline for consideration in the program is April 30, 2024

Program Contacts

Kelsey Dwyer - Immigration Advisor 
(210) 805-5705

Katherine Burke - Assistant Director of Residence Life
(210) 805-5865