Policies and Reporting

The University of the Incarnate Word provides all students, faculty, staff, administrators, and San Antonio community members the ability to bring their concerns and observations to the attention of university officials through the use of the following reporting systems.

Residence Life Handbook

The Residence Life Handbook is intended to assist and inform all residents regarding the policy upheld within each Residence Hall that supports the mission and policy of UIW. Residents are responsible for becoming fully educated on the policies listed in the Student Code of Conduct (which includes the Residence Life Policy Addendum). The Residence Life Handbook should be referenced in conjunction with the Student Code of Conduct.

Living within a community offers a significant contribution to the holistic educational development of each student. The Residence Life program seeks to establish an atmosphere that stimulates growth, encourages individual responsibility in decision-making, and provides for acceptances of others as persons of worth. Developing good citizenship, learning and accepting the meaning of responsibility, and recognizing the rights of others are goals of UIW Residence Life living.

Contact Information

Student Engagement Center 3150

(210) 829-6034

All Campus RA Phone

(210) 216-6831

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