Reading - Our Place

In the summer of 2007, Professors Clark, Harding, and Lonchar met to discuss extra-curricular programming that would provide opportunities for students to share their creative writing. They envisioned a time and space that would not interfere with too many class schedules and would be convenient to campus. They also thought that light refreshments would be appreciated and agreed to make sure that such were available. Naming this event took a little more time; but, after some discussion of possibilities ranging from the sublime to the clearly ridiculous, they decided on “Our Place.” A fast check with the OED told them that the name fit: one of the original definitions for “Place” is “Broadway” – a sure sign that the name was apt.During the first two years of “Our Place,” two events were held each semester. In the spring semesters, readings from Quirk became one of those events. The initial purpose remains: to provide a time and space – a place, “OUR” place – to showcase the amazing creativity of our writers and to remind ourselves what drew all of us to English from the beginning – a love of language and the imagination and the willingness to play with both.

Please join us every Fall semester for “Our Place” and in April for the Quirk / “Our Place” reading.