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EchoVideo - Lecture Capture and Student Engagement

Important: EchoVideo is only offered within Health Profession Schools (HPS) classrooms.

EchoVideo, formerly known as Echo360, is a system used across the university to capture and record lectures, and to upload videos created by lecturers for access through Canvas.

EchoVideo encourages in-class engagement and participation through interactive activities such as polls and quizzes, activity slides, and Q&A discussion spaces. These tools support flipped classrooms, as well as personalized and student-centered models of teaching and learning. At its core, EchoVideo offers fully automated lecture capture services, enabling students to stream or download recordings of lectures after class. Learn about the top Five Reasons Instructors Use EchoVideo.

EchoVideo Features

Personal Media Library Open
Record Video and Host Live Streams Open
Student Analytics Open
Edit Video Content Open
Inclusive and Accessible Open
Engagement Open

Getting Started - Instructors

Record and Live Stream Content Open
Using Echo360 with Canvas Open
How to Schedule a Capture Open
Manage and Share Content Open
Engage Students Open


  • Instructors experiencing issues with EchoVideo recordings, schedules, or classroom equipment should contact their on-site HPS Technical Support Specialist (TSS).
    • If the local TSS is off-site, contact the UIW Help Desk at (210) 829-2721 or
  • Instructors located at the School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM) who need scheduling and/or course management assistance should contact Anita Reyes at
  • Instructors seeking training, tutorials, or product questions should contact a Software Specialist at to get help with using EchoVideo.

Students experiencing issues viewing or accessing recordings or live streams should contact their course instructor.