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What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an audience response system that allows instructors to create a variety of interactive activities that students can respond to using their smartphones or any device with an internet browser. Each instructor receives a dedicated, yet customizable, response link that students use to respond to their activities.

How is Poll Everywhere effective in the classroom?

This platform enables educators to engage students in real-time and promote active learning by encouraging critical thinking, providing immediate feedback, and promoting discussion and collaboration in the classroom. Instructors can create activities that ask students to share their opinions, respond to multiple-choice questions, or provide open-ended answers. Students can respond to activities using their devices, and the results can be displayed in real-time to the entire class.

This process encourages students to actively participate in the learning process and provides immediate feedback to help them gauge their understanding of the material. There are also sharing options that allow for asynchronous feedback on particular activities. Due to this flexible nature, Poll Everywhere can be a powerful tool for promoting active learning and enhancing student engagement in both online and traditional classrooms.

What Activity Types are There?

Multiple Choice Open
Word Cloud Open
Q&A Open
Clickable Image (Hotspot) Open
Survey Open
Open-ended Open
Competitions Open

How to present with Poll Everywhere

Presenting activities through Cardinal Apps is the quickest and most common way to present with Poll Everywhere. This method is ideal for events where you want to engage the audience but do not plan to show a slide deck. Each activity page offers a convenient 'present' button that not only activates the current activity, but hides all other settings and browser buttons so that only the current activity displays on the screen.

To present through Cardinal Apps:

  1. Login to Cardinal Apps
  2. Find and open the Poll Everywhere app
  3. Present your activity to your audience

If you have a slide deck, you can directly insert your existing Poll Everywhere activities within your presentation for a seamless experience. Poll Everywhere should be installed on all UIW-issued devices, including classroom computers.

How to use Poll Everywhere with PowerPoint

For a comprehensive four-step walkthrough of using Poll Everywhere with Microsoft PowerPoint, including tips and troubleshooting, refer to the resource below.

If you cannot find the Poll Everywhere app within PowerPoint or on your computer, contact the UIW Help Desk or your local Technical Support Specialist.

Responding to Activities

Responding via the web

During class or a presentation, a presenter will display a Poll Everywhere activity on-screen. The visualization will display the instructor's dedicated URL for participants to be able to join and participate (e.g. From their phone, laptop, tablet, or any device with an internet browser participants will enter the web address and be taken to a screen that allows them to respond to the activity.

Read more about web responses.

Responding via the mobile app

For quick, regular access to Poll Everywhere, it’s best to download and install the associated Participant response apps:

The participant desktop and mobile apps have the same functionality as responding through a web browser. However, this is the ideal method for students to participate as the apps will also display recent instructor’s usernames they have participated with and allow them to join in just a tap.

Read more about responding via the Poll Everywhere app.

Responding via SMS (Text)

If SMS responding is enabled on an activity, the instructions on screen will appear slightly different. Here, participants will be texting the presenter's username instead of inputting it into a web browser as a URL. Not all activities support SMS responses, but the following do:

  • Multiple choice
  • Open-ended questions

Read more about SMS text message responses.

Learn How to Use Poll Everywhere

Using Poll Everywhere with Canvas

There are a variety of methods to share and embed your Poll Everywhere activities, but the Canvas integration allows you to create grades from some of your registered activities at any time.

  1. Start by syncing your Canvas course with Poll Everywhere.
  2. Learn how to create a Canvas grade from a Poll Everywhere activity.