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Learning with Canvas

What is Canvas?

Canvas is your Learning Management System (LMS) at The University of the Incarnate Word. Throughout your academic coursework at UIW, you'll use Canvas to access items like course syllabi, assignments, discussion posts, files, meetings and more. An LMS is vital for establishing an online presence for each course in a given academic semester.

Please note, some in-person classes might use Canvas less than a more hybrid, online-blended course. You may use this page to reference common Canvas resources and guides to help you learn how to navigate the platform and customize the experience to tailor your learning needs.

Getting Started with Canvas

How do I access Canvas at UIW? Open
How do I use the dashboard? Open
How do I submit an assignment? Open
How do I customize my Canvas notifications? Open
I was placed in a group, what is that? Open
How do I reply to a discussion? Open
How to I take a quiz or test in Canvas? Open
Using the Respondus LockDown Browser for an test Open
Using the Immersive Reader Open
Is there a mobile app for Canvas? Open

Getting Help

Questions about course expectations, content, assignments, quizzes, grades, or any academic information go to your instructor, advisor, or program support roles as indicated by your instructor. Your instructor builds the Canvas course and must publish the course before you can see it on your Canvas Dashboard. Your instructor also manages the course start and end dates for when you can participate. The course can be published but not started, meaning you can look but not take any action yet.
If you don't know how to use a Canvas feature, such as post in a discussion, upload an assignment, or you follow the instructions and it does not work correctly: Contact 24/7 Canvas support at (844) 384-5742, chat, or by using the question mark icon in the Canvas Global Navigation menu.

If you need help signing in, setting up your computer, installing a compatible browser, or other general technical help with your computer contact the UIW Help Desk or your campus tech specialist. Any concerns reported with Canvas to the Help Desk are routed to our Canvas administrator.

Note: Canvas reps and UIW tech support are unable to change course settings, edit content, give additional attempts, or take any actions in place of your course instructor - you must contact your instructor for these concerns.