Video Camera Lens

Teaching with Video

For both in-class and online environments, video delivery serves as an effective way of demonstrating concepts and delivering long-form content to others. On this page, you'll see which tools can help you at each stage of the video creation process. If you're working from an off-campus location, please review the working remotely page to make sure you are prepared to work off-site!

Listed below are a gambit of tools available at no cost to teachers and students at UIW. Some tools listed on this page aren't directly supported by UIW, but are free, widely-used paid platforms. If a platform is unsupported, you'll see a note within the tile.These are not affiliates of UIW and the university receives no compensation from anything purchased. These are popular platforms that are recommended and UIW is not responsible for negative interactions with external vendors or platforms.

Where to start and items to consider

Camera Open
Microphone Open
Camera and Lighting Considerations Open
Closed Captioning and Auto Transcriptions Open
Teleconferencing Recording and Privacy Policy Open


An Intro to Recording Open
Camtasia (Screen Recording) Open
Canvas Studio (Screen Recording) Open
Echo360 (Screen Recording) Open
Microsoft Stream (Screen Recording) Open
Microsoft Teams Open
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Open
Screenshot for Mac Open
Zoom (Recording) Open


An Intro to Editing Open
Adobe Rush and Premiere Open
Camtasia (Editing) Open
iMovie (for Mac computers) Open
Microsoft Stream (Editing) Open
Video Editor for Windows Open
YouTube Studio Open

Storing and sharing

Echo360 (Storing and Sharing) Open
Microsoft Stream (Storing and Sharing) Open
OneDrive Open
Vimeo Open
YouTube Open
Zoom (Storing and Sharing) Open

Contact Us

If you have any questions about any of the tools or functions listed on this page, please reach out to the Software Specialists below. While we don't directly support full development sessions on all the items listed, we can get you headed in the right direction to find out which tools fit best for your workflow.

Adela Gott

Software Specialist
(210) 829-3946

Jon Whitney

Software Specialist
(210) 832-2197